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Myofascial Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping?
Cupping is an alternative therapy derived from traditional Chinese medicine using vacuum suction to draw the skin, fascial tissue and muscle tissue into the cup. The cups can be stationary over areas of restriction or moved around the body. Stationary cups will only be left on the body for up to 15 minutes. Cupping will stretch and stimulate blood and lymph circulation to the underlying muscles and tissues. Cupping draws out old blood, cellular debris and other wastes from areas of injury and stagnation while bringing oxygen rich blood and circulation to the area.

What are the cautions of cupping?
Marking can occur on the body from usage of the cups - this generally resolves in 3-10 days. Redness will sometimes last 1-6 weeks. Redness is not considered bad nor is it called bruising. It is considered to be an excellent indicator of myo-fascial disorder at a local level and sometimes systemic level. 

Blistering is a rare occurrence with cupping. All cups are monitored while they are applied and will be removed on or before the 15 minute mark following application to prevent this from happening.

What are some conditions cupping can benefit?
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Insomnia
- Shin Splints

- Detoxification
- Scar Tissue
- Headaches
- TMJ Disorder
- Chronic Pain and Spasm
- Cellulite Reduction / Firming up the Skin
- Lymph Congestion

- Improving Range of Motion

- Reducing Adhesions and/or Fascial Restriction

Please Note:

- Post tenderness may occur.

- Low grade headaches may occur due to increased wastes being released into the lymph.

- Temporary redness or itching may occur due to the vascular changes being induced by the cups.

- Tattoos must be at least one month healed before cupping can be done over a new tattoo.

- Cannot be done over areas of botox or fillers

- Cannot be done on the sides or front of the neck

- Cannot be done when taking blood thinners. (Please inform your practitioner if you are taking any medications or have new changes to your current medications on file. Your practitioner may need to modify your treatment based on your medications).

- Cannot be done over fresh cup marks that are tender to touch and under 3 days old

Myofascial Cupping Therapy: Services
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